The Ex Senators

The Ex Senators deliver an honest hard musical punch with unapologetic social commentary, wily wit and wisecracks "...their musicianship blends agile bass, truly immense “rawk” guitars and a pop drumming style that bleeds some lightspeed danceability into the mix, ... all the immaculately-produced clout of Green Day and Alkaline Trio, with the observational stance of Springsteen and the rabble-rousing of Rancid" (AAA MUSIC UK)

“I want people to think when they listen to our music”, says group leader Dmac. “it's about making people have any reaction, whether that's getting someone to be more aware of the world around them or hopefully to feel something - at the least it's to take the musical trip with us.”

If you ever loved music from The Clash, Social Distortion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Rise Against, then you are sure to love The Ex- Senators.